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2011 Fruit Basket Poject

Pa Lake Erie Tributary Landowner Appreciation Fruit Baskets  

For those that are not familiar with this program. In 2007 a few local fisherman gave fruit baskets to a hand full of land owners around Christmas for letting us fish on their land. In 2008 the same group went to the Gem City Outdoorsmen Club, Northwest Pa TU and the Pa Steelhead Association and asked for donations. 

* 2009 we bought 120 baskets and gave them to property owners that had the most visibility of fisherman and parking near their property. The property owners were very pleased that the fisherman donated these baskets to them!

* 2010 we delivered 141

* 2012 we delivered 130

* 2013 we delivered 90

* 2014 we delivered 87

* 2015 we delivered 78

* 2016 we delivered 88

* 2017 we delivered 85


If you are interested in donating your donations can be sent to the following address.

Pa. Steelhead Association
P.O. Box 8892
Erie,Pa 16505


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