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The Pennsylvania Steelhead Association is a 501(C)4 nonprofit which works to: enhance and preserve the fishery in the streams flowing into Lake Erie; to improve access to those streams for fishermen; and to assist organizations such as the Western PA Conservancy in acquiring land and/or fishing easements and right-of-ways along important Steelhead fishing waters in Northwest Pennsylvania.

In May we had our elections meeting for Officers and Board of Directors.  They are as follows:


President – Ryan Novatnack Vice President – Karl Weixlmann

Secretary – Marty Grzasko Treasurer – Skip Simmons

Board of Directors:

Corey Shields Dan Beck

Dan Pastore Frank Scicchitano

Herb Kightlinger Mark Signorino

Paul Krott

We have created four committees to better serve the PSA and our fishery.  The four committees are – Events Committee, Members Committee, Newsletter/Webpage Committee, and the Marketing Committee.  If interested please sign on to help a committee with planning and organizing events.

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General Membership Meeting

Our guest speaker at the March 11 meeting was fly fishing guide Eric Peterson, who is one of the most talented fly tiers in the region. Eric gave a tying demo on deer hair. His bass bugs and other creations are more than just flies that catch fish, they are works of art! Eric demonstrated how to spin and stack, pack, trim and cut deer hair, one of the hardest materials to work with. We  also raffled off some of Eric's flies to raise money for the PSA. Many thanks to Eric for a great presentation!




Meetings are 7:30 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. American Legion Post #773,  4109 West 12th Street, Erie, PA

The Pennsylvania Lake Erie International Coastal Cleanup

The PSA was the site manager for the Walnut Creek Access area.

We had a good turn out Saturday Sept. 20th, 19 PSA members and other volunteers showed up to pick up 14 bags of trash weighing 163.17 lbs. We picked up 1242 cigarette butts to recycle, around 57 yards of fishing line, and 5 tires as well as all of the regular garbage. The group pictured below shows some of the cleanup crew! Thanks to all those who took the time to help clean up our environment!

The PA Lake Erie International Coastal Cleanup is an annual trash cleanup event, held the 3rd Saturday in September along the Lake Erie shoreline and Erie County waterways.  Volunteers gather at one of the sixteen different cleanup locations in Erie County between 9am and 12pm to pick up trash and collect information on each trash item.  Information gathered from collected trash and recyclables is used to develop and prioritize management strategies to lessen the amount of trash entering our waterways and provide outreach and education information for local schools and organizations throughout the county.

The event is part of a larger global effort that is held the same day each year titled the “International Coastal Cleanup” which is the oldest and largest volunteer driven cleanup effort of its kind across the world.  Beginning in 1986 with 12 sites on the Texas coastline, the International Coastal Cleanup has grown to over 6000 sites in 92 countries with more than 500,000 participating volunteers. 

  Garbage and recycling bags as well as work gloves are provided to all volunteers at each location.  Certificates of appreciation will also be available to participating volunteers.

Matt Roman pictured above with PSA President Ryan Novatnack was awarded a PSA Hat & T-Shirt for being the individual to collect the most trash. Great job Matt!

Additional information on each clean up location can be found at:

Please contact Jake Moore of the Dept. of Environmental Protection, Coastal Resources Management Program for additional questions at 814-217-9634 or by email at

On Saturday September 6th a group  of PSA members and volunteers cleaned up 380 lbs of steel that had been lying on the creek bed of Upper Elk Creek near the area referred to as the Pet Cemetery. They carried a torch downstream about 200 yards from an private landowners property that allowed access to the creek and cut up and hauled out the scrap you see pictured below.



Next General Membership Meeting is Wednesday May 13th!

Meetings are 7:30 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. American Legion Post #773,  4109 West 12th Street, Erie, PA

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