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2018 Fall Run Banquet Highlights:

On November 3rd, the PSA held it’s annual Fall Run Banquet at the Colony Banquet and Catering Center. We honored a number of people and organizations that were truly deserving of recognition.

The first groups and individuals honored were part of organizations  that have successfully acquired Access for our Steelhead fishery. The individuals honored representing these organizations are hard working and dedicated people that are driven by a passion to keep our beautiful streams and lands open to the public.

Honored Guest and First District Commissioner of the PFBC, Ed Mascharka, spoke about the herculean job these groups  have done to work with and find individuals that would be willing to sell property or easements to the PFBC , the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and the Lake Erie Region Conservancy. These groups often work with the PFBC to be the Stewards of these properties once maintained.

Commissioner Mascharka introduced  Dave Skellie, Coastal Land Use & Economic Specialist from Pennsylvania Sea Grant , who along with Tom Cermak, work hand in hand with Scott Bollinger, (Statewide Public Access Program Manager) of the PFBC, contact  land owners  and start the process of attaining easement or buying land. They then have to procure all the financing and do appraisals, pre and post, to obtaining the lands.

Also instrumental in the procurement of lands are the Lake Erie Region Conservancy who’s Executive Director is long time are public land steward, Tom Fuhrman. Tom has worked on projects like acquiring the land  that became The Bluffs State Park!

Last to mention, but a group that plays a huge role in both land acquisition and stream restoration projects is the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and their Watershed Manager for the Upper Allegheny & Lake Erie, Kylie Maland. “The Western PA Conservancy protects and restores exceptional places to provide our region with CLEAN WATERS and healthy forest, wildlife and NATURAL AREAS for the benefit of present and future generations.”  Kylie spoke of the many projects in which the Western Pa Conservancy has been involved in Erie county. Included are the Stop Sign Hole at the Walnut Creek Access Area and the ongoing project  of stream restoration on the Conservancy property off of North Creek Road above the railroad tubes.

The Pennsylvania Steelhead Association is very appreciative of all their efforts to enhance our fishery and again wishes to say THANK YOU!

Karl Weixlmann was awarded the PSA Angler Award for 2018! 

All will be featured in the December 2018 TightLines newsletter!


2018 International Cleanup at Walnut Creek Access

So thankful for the 15 volunteers that showed up Saturday September 15 to help with International Coastal Cleanup effort at Walnut Creek Marina today. We picked up 127.7 lbs of trash including 3 or 4 heavy construction material items. The group pictured here includes the first 11 to show up. Many of these guys have been regulars for years!       





At the March 7th, 2018 General Membership meeting the Election of officers resulted in the following:

                          Office                         Name

                             President               Marty Grzasko

                        Vice President         JT Davis    

                        Treasurer               Chris Fatica

                        Secretary                Ryan Novatnack 

Board Members

Dan Beck Roger Latimer                 

Ron Miller       Frank Sicicchitano

Harold (Skip) Simmons    Al Warner

Karl Weixlmann Sam Zacour

The Pennsylvania Steelhead Association is a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization established to enhance and preserve the Steelhead fishery in Pennsylvania including improving public access for Steelhead fishing, encouraging private landowners to maintain public access for Steelhead fishing, implementing stream enhancement and habitat improvement projects for Steelhead, and assisting nonprofit organizations which operate nurseries for spawning or raising Steelhead, or which acquire land or access easements for Steelhead fishing, or which engage in activities which complement the purposes and activities of the Pennsylvania Steelhead Association.

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Meetings are typically held at 7:30 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, August through April @ American Legion Post #773,  4109 West 12th Street, Erie, PA.

At our December membership meeting, Eric Peterson showed us how to spin, stack & pack deer hair for bass poppers! It was an entertaining and informative presentation! Thanks to Eric for a lesson on how to tie like a pro.

You can see his version in olive, and my attempt in yellow.     S. Zacour




The PA Steelhead Association holds meetings each month except May, June, and July usually at 7:30 pm on the second Wednesday of the month .  Meetings are held  at the American Legion Post 773.  The Legion is located at 4109 West 12th Street (State Route 5), just east of the Erie Airport. 

We meet in the banquet room to the left when you walk in.

Next membership meeting is Wednesday January 9th at 7:30p.m.!

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